Participating Employers

The Portland Jobs Alliance has adopted a national best practice model that takes a proactive sector-based approach to bringing businesses ‘to the workforce development table.” In a sector partnership, workforce development, education and economic development partners coordinate when approaching industry, vs. independently approaching industry members. Sector partnerships make this possible. The partnership becomes the “go-to” for companies to get their needs met; companies never have to navigate the dozens of programs out there themselves.

The Alliance works with all employers in the Portland area, with an initial focus on the hotel industry because of its recent and projected job growth. Our goal is first and foremost to provide a coordinated response to the labor needs of businesses in the region. Portland Jobs Alliance is your point of contact for multiple community-based employment and social service providers. You benefit through:

  • Free postings of current job openings
  • Direct referral of pre-screened, qualified applicants for your specific job openings
  • Hiring and recruitment cost savings
  • Access to candidates with multiple language capabilities, skills and experience
  • Funding for paid interns at no cost to you
  • Access to potential wage subsidies
  • Social service support for employees including childcare and transportation
  • Ongoing follow-up and consultation
  • If you have a job to post, please send it to Portland Jobs Alliance partners will be in touch to match prospective candidates to your employment needs.